Fight Poses Like Our Fav Heroes?

Hello Exile Coders

So there are many many fighting poses or positions that our heroes have assumed in movies over the years…

I was wondering if the coding wizards could design a couple of fight poses our characters could assume during the “stand off” moments of a fight?

Conan held his sword above his head and his other arm outstretched…that would be cool if we could hit x for that or something?

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Would you settle for an emote? That would be relatively easy to do.


This was my first idea, too. Altering the actual combat stance would require changing attack animations, too (even though I’m not exactly fond of the standard combat stance either).

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Perfect solution!

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I thought of two.

Our characters recreating Valeria holding her sword with one hand, slapping the blade against the palm of her other hand.

Duel wielding daggers, spinning them around with their fingers.


Yes perfect! Funcom please listen!

They usually use Mocap for animations (don’t have to, but it helps). Which gives me a sort of chuckle when I hear a request about twirling daggers in their fingers. Someone at the office is gonna have to learn how to do that to get it mocap’d if they go that route.

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Lol that’s hilarious…a few band aids will be needed!

I watched a cosplayer stream a few days ago where the person twirled a smallsword. Very nimble, very impressive. Probably unsharpened blade, though.

But yeah, whoever from Funcom starts training dagger-twirling, better pick people who don’t need their fingers.

What about this pose?