Fighter thralls not fighting aggroing thalls

**Game mode:Online official
**Type of issue:Bug | Performance
**Server type PvE-Conflict

Fighter Beast-Tamer Ulfarn is crap at knocking out thralls with steel truncheon with advanced blunted weapon fitting, most of the time he dont hit aggroed thralls even if they hit me, he just follow enemy but not hit them even if i put truncheon in his hand
Try to equip him with legendary weapon “Lovetap” also with advanced blunted fitting and he wont try to hit anything, it doesnt work.

These behavior also have got worse with all fighter thralls lately, but i think Ulfarn is bugged beyond this.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Get Fighter Beast-Tamer Ulfarn
2.Equip with legendary weapon “Lovetap” and advanced blunt
3.Try to see if he hit any enemy thrall at all, he is not
4.Also try steel truncheon with advanced blunted, its not consistent hit

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I’m finding more and more T4s that will not fight with certain weapons and will fight with specific ones. As an example, a Bandit Leader came with a khopesh, a one-handed sword. He would not fight when I gave him a legendary one-handed sword, just standing there. I put an Ancient Khopesh (one-handed sword) in his hand and he was after everything.

My opinion is that this is a bug. Why would a dev design something so specific, adding load and code? Why would anyone design a fighter thrall that would not fight unless certain conditions were met?

As a workaround, craft a bunch of different types of weapons, low/cheap, and see how he performs. Don’t rely on just one session; I have had behaviour change drastically after server reset. Testing Ulfam ‘could’ be as easy as giving him a weapon, agroing, stand back/dodge and watch performance, stepping in if he is passive. Change the weapon and repeat. Make a list of which works and which does not, then repeating the process the next night, again, documenting.

I also suggest you retry the truncheon often over a period of time and see if his behaviour changes. It may surprise you, in a good way. Again, though, buggy and unreliable.

I picked up Freebooter Argus tonite; he is cooking. Although he is listed on the Wiki, he does not have a stats page. I plan on doing the above with him.

Good luck !



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Hey @Fixi

We’re aware of some inconsistencies with thrall’s aggressive behavior and our team is looking into that. Apologies for the frustration.
Thanks for your feedback.
Also, @Jim1, thanks for your help and suggestions :slight_smile:

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Thanks for noticing, Ignasis. This is, by far, the best game I’ve played in over a decade. Keep up the good work.



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I am experiencing similar issues on an official PC - PVE US Server. I suggest devs should revisit the thrall fighting scripts, they are very inconsistent. Sometimes they go on a wild murder spree attacking and aggroing everything in site. Sometimes they just run up to enemies and just stand there. Sometimes they attack and the very next encounter stop attacking and I have to bring them home and switch thralls. This happens no matter the type of thrall and no matter the weapon or armor worn.



I finally found the Trello entry for this issue by starting top left and reading each one. Thanks @Jens_Erik, for stamping this one a priority. Unfortunately, that was last November, with no further discernable action.

I was rather dismayed, however, that QA noted they could not reproduce. It is not fixed and I will provide a very specific set of circumstances under which you can reproduce it. Please note this does not happen every time, so please try several internal server restarts and do not give up.

While I fully recognize this is not a game breaking bug, and should be prioritized below others that prevent players from playing, it affects many more people than have posted. Most, apparently, have given up on this getting fixed.

Give me some time to gather the examples and enough data. I will do this on solo, but it stems from experience in an online private server.

Thanks for game, and hopefully, the appropriate amount of attention.



PS: The card

Read it quickly, dismissing the Trello spam to join also closes the card. Not, IMHO, a good thing.

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I don’t think it is the actual scripts themselves, it is something to do with loading the AI in the right situations. Overall performance issue in the load code. When they do fight, they are pretty damn good at it. But sometimes I think the knock on the head from the truncheon when we first met may have dome some long term damage :slight_smile:


So, I tested solo, got the same disappointing results, and can now relay specific directions to reproduce it. Please bear with me, I tend to document every little thing, even when I cook :slight_smile:

Create a new player, default is fine, and enter admin mode
Spawn in Freebooter Argus as a thrall (I used a Bandit Leader, but they are not yet spawnable, cannot find on the list)
Note which weapon they spawned in with, mine was an Iron Broadsword and a Wooden Shield
Spawn the following:
Venom-Infused Daggers and Venom-Infused Sword
Dragonbone Bow
A stack of Dragonbone arrows
A stack of Healing arrows
Any armor, if you like

Order the thrall to follow
Toggle Cloak on

  1. TeleportPlayer -229900.03125 111126.320313 -4019.546875
  2. Climb the rock (assure that Freebooter remains on the ground)
  3. Toggle Cloak off
  4. Use the Bow to agro the Black Rhino
    The Freebooter Argus still has his default weapon, and will attack.

Teleport anywhere far away.
Toggle Cloak on
Heal Freebooter
Replace both weapon and shield with Venom-Infused Daggers (or anything you choose, really. It’s a crapshoot)

Repeat steps 1-4
With the different weapon, watch Freebooter watch the rhino but not attack, even though he is in attack posture.

Try a venom-infused sword, same results.
Try a stone sword and the original wooden shield, same results.
Give him back his original sword and shield, same results.

Pictures below from a solo game, but, again, the example is from online private server. Please try a server restart if you do not get the same results. Different days produce different actions for this bug, and I assume it is the restart causing it.

I know how difficult and frustrating it is to track down an intermittent problem, so …
Thanks for your consideration.



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@Fixi, I hear your pain. I went a step further and (in solo) spawned in Beast-Tamer Ulfarn, gave him a blunt modded truncheon and ported him to Sepermeru. Please keep in mind this is solo, so your mileage may vary.

He immediately started to knock out whoever I truncheoned and continued to level every NPC in sight. Although this is an acknowledged problem, in the meantime, try the following …

Before giving him the truncheon, holster your weapon so he will not assume a combat stance.
Put the truncheon in his inventory, not in his hand.
Then put him on follow and try it again.

If it does not work, find a safe place and place him on guard, with the truncheon in his inventory, not hand, the same as your weapon.
Relog, put him on follow, try again.

If that did not work, restart the game as above and try again.

If that did not work, kill the sucker and get another one :wink:

Please see the screenshot below, and good luck !



PS: I credit @Estha for these suggestions and they seem to work for me, so far, in solo. Trying online private next.


Ye, i know, but i want it to be fixed if its not intended to be like this, thats all :slight_smile:

Concur, Fixi !

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