Fighting/combat needs to be improved

As Everytime I play this game, I love everything so far and nothing has really “Grinded My Gears” except for one thing, and yet you still continue to not fix and ignore this problem. The combat, everytime when you focus ir lock and and begin to swing, it will lunge and unlock sometimes on the target you are fighting. Also, the lock switch is very sensitive and misguided when you are attacking simeone close but locks onto something else further away and wont lock back on to the npc, creature, or person you are currently fighting which is very annoying. One main thing is when you swing, npcs or creatures barely move to the left or right, causing your player to completely miss their attack by an inch and show be followed through on his or her target and can only be evaded by dodging, completely moving out of the way, or a shield block. This needs to be fixed asap and looked into. Either create a little bigger “hit-box” or make combat more focused.

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