Fighting combat with 6 characters is fun (but broken)


Hey loving the game so far, had a few minor issues (crashes on startup being the main one), but nothing too crazy until this one:

So I’m around level 37 and in the Rot Warrens, I switched to squad mode to switch up characters before a fight (I have 5 characters, Bormin, dux, farrow, selma, magnus. I had magnus, dux bromin chosen, somehow I was trying to change magnus out, and was able to get 2 dux’ and then eventually had 5 active characters (all except magnus, and an extra dux). I then moved into 3d mode and actually had all 6 characters (5 + extra dux) I was able to fight the entire rot warren fight with 6 characters, which was pretty awesome/funny. but now that save is permanently like that, but I can no longer add magnus as an active character. Not sure if I can send the save data in to help out, but I can swap saves to before this occurred and have magnus back and only 3. Let me know if I can send anything in to help fix the issue.

Hi! Thats an interesting issue.

what is the version number of the build?

If possible, can you zip up the entire ‘saved’ folder, found here: C:\Users<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Local\ZoneUE4\Saved\SaveGames

And mail to:


files sent.

Hi All,
After exiting the underground section at Rot Warren i accidentally added a 4th team member to my group. After attempting to switch squad members a couple of times too fix the issue i ended up with all 5 characters playable on the map with 2 Magnus’ (so 6 characters in total) and now i’m stuck with 2 Dux and 2 Mangus’ with no Bormin in the squad selection screen… although this has proven amusing i don’t want too move on with the game with all these team members… what should i do?
Many thanks.

Rot Warren seems to be a bigger problem on PS4, seen some more bugs related to it. Like a 5 man team with all characters and clipping thru the world too.

Do you know a way too fix it? or do i just have too load a previous save? (not that i have any haha)

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This has been passed onto the console porting guys at High Voltage, savegames are also with them. Thanks!

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I am merging similar reports mentioning this issue into this one. Also updated the tags to PS4 as well.


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Returning to the Rot Warren from Lair of horned devil I accidentally added a fourth member to the squad, and managed to add a fifth. Game kept running and I cleared the Rot Warren, but when I tried to remove a squad member the game crashed. See image: imgur DOT com/a/NaHqEAy

Hey, can you zip and drop your ‘saved’ folder to me in an email? I’d like to take a look at this craziness :stuck_out_tongue: .


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I have sent an email with save data and a video.

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Got it thanks!

Merged additional threads into this one for tidiness sake.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue on Xbox. I have 4 members in my party and can switch them out as needed.