Figurine pickup/placement bugged

Game mode: ALL
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PVE
Region: [Europe

Those new figurines give different figurines in inventory and placement + some of them dont give drops at all

Example : picked up Giant king figurine in city, it turned into silent legion…
EX2 : Placed Ligibour, spawned 2 beasts , one disappeared…
EX3: Placed First men figurine, somehow turned into spider abomination…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

Any mods? :smiley: I am yet to experience something like this :thinking:

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I dont play with mods, :smiley: its almost year now i am reporting bugs, i should get title - Vanilla player, because if i play on mods and encounter error first thing is i ask to mod developers, like once i played on age of calamitous

well if u want experience this then i dunno how to remake EX2,3 but first one - go pick up statuete of giant kings, near west pool u can actually see statuete from pool down under… so if u pick giant king statuete, in inventory it turns into silent legion, this one is 100% sure because for me its now 3 times in row. but those other transformations was random, placed on altair first men, summoned spider 3 skull boss…

Next question, is your game in English or Russian? Can it be that the translations are messed up? I know where there is a giant king statue, I will go and pick it up now to see if I get Silent Legion Instead.


  1. The one spawn I know for Giant King, stated Giant King, looked like Giant King and the mob summoned was the Giant King.
  2. If this is the location you are talking about near the west pool, then the statue that I picked up from there stated Silent Legion on screen & is Silent Legion in my inventory.

  1. Then decided to fight the little dragons as well, both of them spawned but one of them killed the other because the 2nd one happened to be on the way of the fire breath attack. I got loot from both :rofl:

  2. I have summoned a few first men statues as well but I haven’t got any spider.

All the above was performed at the West Pool.

If the issues are not due to wrong translation, then maybe verify the integrity of your game files.

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As i said u in discord already. now i aint capable to get any figurines, waited 2 hours even now without speed, all 100% spawnzones are empty on private server but in public it still looks like giant king but gives silent legion… if i will get to spawn it i will show screen

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Just to confirm we are talking about the same spot, here are the coordinates:
TeleportPlayer 29116.382813 295264.59375 -20372.652344

I just managed to get your issue in SP though. It looked like a giant king but when I picked it up it was a silent legion one.

EDIT: I tried again and it seems that it is an issue with this specific spot. The tooltip is correct on screen but the statue before you pick it up has the wrong look.

This doesn’t happen to the other giant king or silent legion locations so it doesn’t seem to be a general issue:
TeleportPlayer -147163.671875 239899.734375 -20335.566406 - Giant King
TeleportPlayer -31453.677734 295844.78125 -20471.912109 - Silent Legion

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Yes well dunno why but i cant reproduce this thing in private, those statuetes dont spawn at all in private, with or without slomo comand, like dunno looks like spawning is disabled, but in official online, yep this is the figurine i told about exp 1, so maybe those ligibours are also from specific zone statuetes then… and that first men on altair turns into spider… maybe something like this…

because second and third issue not happening again … only that giant kings turn into silent legion

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Hey @NeoTheMatrix

We’ve sent this to our team to see if we can reproduce it on our end.
Thank you for bringing this up to our attention.

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