File Locked while updating mod?


Hmm. I think there is some sort of issue with updating. Steam was trying to update a mod, but the file was ‘locked’ while updating.

Sounds like a steam issue. Have you tried restarting your steam.

This was after I restarted my Steam. File Locks are actually handled by the application by the system (Win10) so, this sounds more like Conan Exiles refused to unlock the file so it could be updated by Steam.

What mod?

Have you checked the mod page to be sure it wasn’t locked by the mod author?

It was Pippi, IIRC. And it had updated. Like I said, that lock it was talking about is the file lock in Windows10 so that only one application can make changes. CE was saying it was updating, but Steam was saying it was not given access to update/change the file.

There is a problem in windows 10 that causes files folders and even entire drives to be set “read only”

I’m not saying that’s the issue, but it might be worth a google or two.

I had something similar happen with Skyrim mods last year, it was a real pain in the butt to track down.

Ah was CE still running? I think the game is just preventing it from updating and if you kill the game, it will grab the update.

It was in the verifying/downloading mods screen, yes. The thing is, that is the same screen it always has while it downloads mods when you join a server.

Yeah but I’ve had the same problem you’re talking about lately. Perhaps (a guess) downloading new mods isnt a problem because its a new write of the mod files and isnt loaded into memory yet but when you need an update, its loaded and youre trying to write to an open file, and that’s what hangs it. The only thing that allows me to update a mod in that circumstance is to kill CE and then steam updates it accordingly.

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