Filters in the game and a little more

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Map: Any

Bug Description:

Of course, I understand that these moments in the game are not errors in fact, but I can’t help but pay attention to it. Due to the ever-increasing content in the game (weapons and armor, pet skins), the search for the necessary item takes more and more time. The dls filter available in the game is generally useless because it applies to all workbenches, regardless of whether there are items in this dls that can be made on this workbench. I suggest replacing it with a filter of objects on some basis, and separate for all types of workbenches. For example, by choosing a armor of hyena skin on the armor workbench, I will see only items from this armor and the necessary lining. With skins for pets, the same problem. Why not implement a mechanism for using the necessary food in the pet’s inventory with the subsequent selection of the desired skin from the studied ones. With a workbench for disassembling objects, too, not everything is fine. Firstly, not all items that can be created can be disassembled. Items that are created in several pieces (for example: arrows) could be disassembled when the number of multiples of what is being created is reached. Secondly, the inventory where the items are for disassembly does not use any sort of arrangement of objects at all, which, in combination with non-disassembled objects and with the simultaneous placement of a large number of objects, leads after a long and inconvenient search for which items he did not disassemble. Although it is enough to add automatic movement of such items immediately to the lower inventory.

Bug Reproduction:

just play the game

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