Filth and Humands 6 not dropping


During the Confrontations and Revelations story quest, the legand is support to drop during the fight on the roof.
I have done the quest a few times and it not dropping from the beasts or the shades.


It’s not there anymore, it’s now a drop on top of the overlook in “The All-Seeing Kawaii”.


Thanks for that, I will have a looksee after the server comes back up :slight_smile:


What’s about Uta’s lore? This one is still there, isn’t it, all three of them? Mobs there seems stingy when it comes to drop things…


Still there, shows up as a drop. Can be farmed by killing the trio, then going back into the lobby and up again. Took me a little more than 30 attempts to get it, but it’s a quick farm.


Oh, I’ll try it, thanks. I guess 30 is not that much for this game. :smirk:


Got it now, thanks again for the new location :slight_smile:


To add to this, if you still need to farm shades, go out on the balcony and fight the 16 shades spawned there, before going back to the lobby.


@SinOfTheWolfs are you sure you can do it? For me doors are closed whole fight with filth.

@Svella and thanks again, took only 12 for me. Even though 10th gave me a mask and it looked like hint from the game to leave it alone. :roll_eyes:


Grats ! From what I heard from other people, I was on the unlucky side of things there with more than 30. That’s just “business as usual” for me though, since I’m now at 129 scenarios without an agent drop :zipper_mouth_face:


Yes i am sure =P. You gotta teleport to lobby, not walk out.


Well I thought so. And that would take 1000 shards which I’d personally considered a bit too wasteful for just 16 shades. Except for patrons of course.


Hmm yeah i am a patron so works better on that end. Alternatives is someone to mu on, or possibly just pausing the mission and actually finishing the fight. I would assume that works … takes longer though, and adds a shade stalker to the kills.