Filth does zero damage

Filth pool on last boss of The Ankh does Zero damage when you stand in it behind Klein. Doesn’t matter what gear or abilities you have.

But of course, no mention of how that’s the only way to survive when the filth puddle doesn’t disappear, but Klein casts a wave even after he’s already teleported away.

If the filth has not gone from the other side then its a bug and not the topic of this post, restarting the fight fixes the issue - hence why it isn’t mentioned.
But jumping in the are of the lake that doesn’t hurt should not really be used as “the only way to complete it” i don’t think.

Filth is supposed to damage you, is it not?
There are no “clean spots” or “clean areas” - its a filth lake - this area behind klein shouldn’t be free of damage.

Restarting the fight does not “fix” it. It’s caused by doing too much damage to the mummy boss before the “filth wave” animation finishes. In other words, you get punished for being too good. This happens every time, even if you reset the fight which you might notice if you are ever in a high dps group. So the safe spot behind Klein should stay until the boss script is fixed. Which of course, neither will ever be fixed. So I guess it doesn’t matter.

Well, i have been on a few runs in ank where we did have the filth along the other side and you either aren’t hindered by that because usually a tank now just pops immutable and swims through the lake (regardless of the presence of filth or not) or when restarting the fight we did less dps and the filth was no longer still there allowing the tank to safely trot along - or completely ignore filth and still pop immutable and swim.

none of that is what i originally posted. The filth lake behind klien does no damage at all no matter what level no matter what gear or powers or abilities - you could be naked and it still is harmless.

I have no doubt it will remain this way until the end of time.
I am merely doing what everyone else does and bound by duty i pay lip service to the section of “bugs”
i agree, it doesn’t matter lol