Filthy mass is just that

Can’t collect the reward… Game is stuck can’t proceed.

You might want to elaborate a little more.

It sounds like you’ve encountered a bug while running the mission Ground Zero, if I’m not mistaken. You killed the Filthy Mass and are on the objective Collect loot reward from defeated Filthy Mass and yet you cannot find a loot bag to collect any loot from. Please correct me if that isn’t the case!

A few things can cause this issue. Unless you’re killing the Filthy Mass in a very strange spot, the loot bag should be accessible, although I advise you not to get the Filthy Mass lodged in unusual locations.

Have you finished all of SWL’s background downloads? It’s possible you haven’t downloaded the models for loot bags yet, rendering them seemingly invisible on your end. Whether or not you’re currently downloading assets in the background is signified by the presence of a spinning pair of arrows normally located to the right on your topbar. This icon should eventually disappear once you’ve downloaded everything and will sometimes pop up when you enter new zones or encounter new assets for the first time, but if’s perpetually active and spinning then it may point to an issue with the download.

An antivirus program can interfere with the download process, so please be sure you have Secret World Legends set as an exception. If this is the issue, then playing SWL and giving the game time to download remaining assets without interference from a firewall or antivirus program will allow you to see loot bags!

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