Final Breath of The Red Mother and Maelstrom Light unrepairable?

this is exactly my point.

to make it clear to all , this right below is an atv (OR QUAD BIKE)… designed to do different things than a motorcycle (cause the ones who designed it, had different priorities than keep the same feeling as a motorcycle would give as driving experience…) the fact that it has the same steering wheel , and its really compact to be categorized as “car” does not mean that it is a motorcycle (or anything close to it).

now this is a 4 wheeled motorcycle… designed to give the same feel and more stability , to give an alternative to people that love to drive a motorcycle, but have reasons to not trust 2 wheels alone… the feeling is almost the same, the behaviour is almost the same and the principles of driving it is all the same as a motorcycle… this is what i meant when i was talking about the ones who designed it and what they had in mind…

same thing goes IN EVERYTHING…
the nerf of weapons and the rework of stamina is not done by the means of keeping the feeling the same… they could add more variety to boss creatures, more and unique attacks in each weapon
rather than the boring 3-4 hit same combo an npc does, they could have reprogrammed their ai to be smarter, they could add variety to weapons (one that has been taken away in the armour rework patch), making them less boring and more important as gear…
but nope… same old thing… they nerfed em all to be these moderate attacking tools that make the game boring… this is what this game receives since the nerf cycle appeared… always the easy way… only thing devs have managed, is to make the game a flat building only worth game… and that depends in either looting bases that r not protected(pvp) or reported banned/decayed (pvp and pve) or by grinding countless hours on stones and wood chopping activities…

for me its sad… they should start playing their game… MAYBE they will see the players point of view then and not the 5 influencers/fanboys in their discord or some chair…

(i mean no offence to anyone with this post. i am just expressing MY personal point of view here.

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Like say, good thralls? :smiley:


In boxes? :open_mouth: You savage!!! :smiley:

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I like them flexible that way. :smiling_face:

these items should be repairable


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