Final Reward in Saga of Blood

Translation: “The sky is green because I said so, and because I said it on the Internet!”…

Well technically it’s more of a yellow. It’s only APPEARS blue due to oxygen scattering …

So are we rp’ing now or is it another excuse for wasting people’s time?

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I was in china sorry I couldn’t respond to you right away.

I think the main point on this post is the rewards sucked but saga was a huge success proving the PvP community is alive and well and we can build whatever we wish if we wish. Sadly most prefer to complain like kids…daddy I’m hungry…feedme

I wouldn’t exactly call the pvp saga server a “huge success”, the pve saga server had considerably more people participate.

People stopped because this Saga has bull rewards, even I think so. When I learned how bull rewards were, I stopped playing.

I am going to wait till next Zath and hope for t6 weps again. My Conq needs that.

Some people don’t only pvp for rewards and actually enjoy it.

I agree. Pvp is nice in this game, however I disagree about it in this scenario. This game has a great idea for pvp, what kills it however, is still holding 2 servers active, instead of adding pvp versions of each zone. Spreading pop will damage the game. Hence why Saga of Blood is a bad idea in every way. They should’ve merged servers then do a Saga again instead of adding a PvP Saga and dividing pop to even smaller pop to pop pvp server.

No not really. It was comparable. I once saw 1k people online and 150 in guild. Battles that lasted 12 hours straight. 10k kills in one fight.

It wasn’t a huge success it was an Epic success

Honestly you got some reward worth it??? What?

There are more guilds than yours, granted most people on the server are in your guild. Overall numbers on the pvp saga server are much less than were on the pve saga server.

I am in agreement with starhunter. If this saga has proven anything is that there is a demand for pvp content and I saw levels of activity that I haven’t seen since launch. If anything we can all agree that it has yielded more money for Funcom than Zath have with those Bloodstained Treasure Chest. Nothing quite moves loot boxes faster than player vs player competition.

highly doubt that this raised more money than Zath. Zath had way more people. And now that mainly everyone is 80, this is just another Crom/Fury endgame server now. Nothing new to do here, in fact its a ghost town already.

Quite a bit of items were sold from the item shop on Zath server as well, not to mention that server probably had 3-5 times the amount of people on it (my guesstimate of course, only Funcom has the official participation numbers).

Follow the clues:

Section 3.2 of the Funcom quarterly report “A New treasure chest “Bloodstained Treasure Chest” was launched in July and has since become the top selling item in AoC”

This tells us that not only was the summer pvp event very profitable, but that sage of blood is as well. It tells us that they made a lot of money selling these loot crates and have continued to do so since it was released back in July.

Now take some anecdotal evidence of the playerbase. There are players who spent up to if not more than $1000 on purchasing in store items since saga started, mainly on the “Bloodstained Treasure Chest.”

But this is not indicative of the whole player base?
You’re right, but trickle it down. If one person is willing to spend enough money to buy over a hundred boxes than you can assume that there will be people who will spend money on boxes albeit at a lesser amount. Ranging from just purchasing one box or 100, a lot of people bought at least one box.

Because of Capitalism! Competition drives the buying and selling of items from the macro to the micro level, it can be observed. There is no competition in pve, there is in pvp. In a competitive pvp environment people will do what they can to get an advantage. The purchasing of loot boxes is one such display of that.

Now we can bicker about the morality of buying ingame items that give you an advantage, but that doesn’t change the fact, that people with the resources will continue to purchase these items so long as they are made available.

Funcom moved a lot of boxes during Saga of Blood. More than they did in Zath. And Mr. Funcom is a very happy man because of it. And fingers crossed we get to see that trickle down to us with some attention to the pvp community. After all, pve content runs dry quick. PVP content last much longer. How else would you explain people still queuing up daily for Hallowed Vaults? A map that’s been around since launch. Imagine if they gave more bones to the pvpers. A mini-game map pack (just recycle old zones!)? Or a new tier of pvp levels? More incentives for open world pvp?

Its been said many times before and I’ll say it again. The community of players are the ones responsible for keeping an mmo alive. PVP content creates tension and drama and touches on that human element that keeps us interested and entertained. PVE is just scripted battles of repetition, once you got all your gear you’ll just get bored of it and go find another game to get your rocks off.

Stay classy Hyboria


Saga of Blood is a ghost town already cause no one wants to play at 80 when everyone has AA points. As for myself I enjoyed the levels before 80 where everyone basically had basic AA’s .

A better way to do this would be same concept but remove the AA’s all together. That would be based more on skill and actually using AoC for it’s cities, crafting and BK values. The only thing I would keep would be the achievement system for the simple fact of fast pathing (no paths just suck).

I enjoyed the low levels being forced to go out in open world and do dungeons that are simply forgotten to get better gear and striving to complete that dungeon while working together.

Then again this is just my opinion

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AAs are strong but on this server you can get them SOOO fast. If you really want fair pvp then you don’t make gear impact class statistics at all. The AA grind at 80 is no different than what you were doing with Min/Maxing gear via pve at each pre-80 bracket. If funcom can come up with a way to make it easier for people who cannot win minigames/pvp events to get AA and pvp xp then that could be a good way to level the playing field.

The pvp grind should be for vanity gear or something that does not affect balance.

No one in EOS has syhit for AAs…we all still play. If you can’t fight nightwatch/sms, khopshef or whatever then just come fight us! We never shy from premades. We never back down from a fight. Yes we are having trouble with PvP events however we are looking at partners for more competitive efforts there. Just takes team work. Nothing has changed since 79. Your primary enemy is still undergeared, less skilled, without A As and playing in force.

Where r u guys😕 i miss the 5 eos vs me fights. I see only 1 or 2 swimmers now…

And btw ptah, aa’s can be done in like 5 days😊 ive been doing this alone or with 2-3 randoms for weeks now. U could have brought 6 of ur players and had some action. All i see is a random eos runner/swimmer here n there…

Plz come back, im in need of some sweet kills

I think I was pretty clear. I was on vacation.