Finally a good thread

What these forums need is a good thread so here goes.

I’ve been having this issue ever since the thralls finish out of wheels much sooner.


If walk by a female dancer/entertainer/performer and she makes me stop and stare or even just look twice then I cannot help myself but to club over the head and drag her home. It doesn’t matter what I might be doing, this urge supersedes everything else.

My base had gotten crowded. It got to the point where even the other dancers were like “really? Another one?”

My base layout went like this:
Kill floor=2 golems, 8 zombies.
Shrine floor=5 Brazerkers, 3 Dancers
Bed floor=12 dancers.

I got raided last night so of course they all got aggravated and came downstairs and I could barely get repair mats out of chests or even move about the floor like “fkn move b***h!”

One of the raiders even got onto the shrine floor, pulled my T4 priest and then ran in circles spamming explosive jars before getting swiftly annihilated by roughly 6 topless but well armed women all hitting at the same time (lucky bastard, there are worse ways to die)

And their raid was successful, they got me. A purge hit and I couldn’t spam ceiling pieces anymore ,1k bombs later, they got me , gg.
But in the end the raid didn’t really bother me. But for the first month all those did nothing but bitch and complain and had finally gotten over the crammed living space. Now they’re all dead and I have to replace them and go through the whole nagging process again :rage:

I will have my revenge on those raiders.

@WhiteRabbit wow, tough crowd

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