Finally! Healing animations! GJ Funcom!

I’m back, for those who remember me.

I’m gonna buy the isle of siptah very soon to test the new stuff out, but I have to say it was about time you guys added healing animations, and now it only misses the eating animation. Good job you guys.

From what I’ve seen about the thrall mechanic in this new map seems really good. Can’t wait to play.

But since now there seems to be an offline protection let’s talk about converting 2 or 3 official servers to the good ol’ blitz game mode… would it make sense to have 2 or 3 servers that get wiped monthly and with 24/h raid time but players when wiped get to keep the character, and the character get wiped at the end of the year? or maybe right before xmas holidays?

Anyone in favor? Anyone against?


On console… so no choice but to wait for them. XD

Avoiding videos and stuff to not have the place spoiled… its gonna be long wait till 2021… -_-’

I wonder though why they didn’t add an animation for eating.

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Eating doesn’t heal you anymore, so feel free to gobble as much haunch as you want during combat.

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There are few bugs with the healing animation part. While you bandaging yourself it doesn’t heal you if you have bleeding or any DoT effect but it still do the animation and you can’t break it which is weird sometimes.

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I hear you can break out of animation by using emotes…haven’t tested yet, need to reinstall windows even to play the base game.

Yeah I’ve heard that too. If you’re using a controller (like everyone on Xbox or PS4) using an emote is incredibly clunky.

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Yes. But sometimes you need to do an emote again, because you get stuck and can’t move. Better just run off the bleed.


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