Finally they began to improve the intelligence of NPCs

I started to analyze the changes of the game, I have not seen many things yet, but I see as positive the small improvement in the intelligence of NPCs, not a lot, but they “kick” and other small changes already encouraged to expect future improvements.
A very bad change is that of “catching sight” on the NPCs, with the sword and the bow, the best of the game was extreme freedom, including freedom of struggle, now out of nowhere your doll “hangs” and you stand there without power move it just by pushing the button, I hope this is a BUG because it does not happen every time, and when it happens it’s horrible.
Now you’ve started to go the right way, STOP MAKING NEW PLACES, the map is giant, work on improving what you already have, existing cities, NPCs, fights, animations, collectibles, plus physical variations of NPCs , and behavior, fighting styles, and that they do not get ‘stopped in one place’, because all NPCs do not earn “cubes” as does the “Captain” of Supremeru, so every time you go to town there would be a different experience, NPCs would be in different places, that’s what we want.
Here’s my congratulations for starting to work on the right track, and I’m already ancestors with this improvement path of NPCs, I’ve been killing some in Supremeru and finally it was “fun”, another thing, make GOOD DLCs with great additions to the game, lately I buy the DLCs just to “help” keep the game active, but they do not add ANYTHING to my game, it does not give me a new mechanic, even if this mechanic was not “military” you need to work VERY much at the next DLC to conquer users like me who have already bought 4 DLCs and expect much more.
Work hard that we are with you, but we want to be surprised!

There’s a whole lot being said here and some of it is confusing.

But I did drop in to express my thanks of moving from the embarrassing NPC behavior towards something modern and reactive. There are still times NPCs just…stand…or take what seems like 4-5 seconds to actually swing from the time they’re aggro’d, which really just leads to unengaging PVE.

With the addition of npcs dodging, kicking, doing multiple attacks in combos, it does feel quite a bit better and like I’m playing a game and not …dps parsing on a training dummy. I think the werewolf boss, the elephant boss, and that group of humans and 1 snakeman at the volcano forge are probably the most engaging fights that actually make the combat feel not super dated or pointless. Positioning is important, they do different things, and you have to react to them instead of just mmo-mob cutting them down while they move in lines and do 1 thing to you.

I realize there’s still lot of criticism in npc behavior, and hope that it improves, but important steps were made this patch. Very nice.


I agree wholeheartedly: npcs and creatures are certainly making things much more interesting for players - which I am very pleased to see. I am now just waiting to see how long before there are general complaints and demands for it to be removed again :slight_smile:
For me, I have yet to play any other world/survival game that has such incredible battle moves/movement moves/building/creature effects all combined with the most amazing sunsets and sunrises - though is can lead to being eaten by a spider, I do think it’s worth stopping to watch them sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

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[timid voice] I kinda liked being better, stronger and tougher than everyone else. Now I need to learn to play. [/timid voice]


Yes, my feeling is the same as yours, finally I had fun killing NPCs and feeling a more “organic” gameplay I play in PVE so this is very important for my gameplay.
I hope they will continue to invest in Artificial Intelligence and gameplay mechanics and stop making new places that we are never going to and that should give us more work to do.
Finally I have that desire to open the game I was losing every day, so much that my bases of ice and volcano fell.

Invest more in NPCs, visuals, physical variation, behavioral behavior and daily behavioral habits, leaving the NPCs standing in fixed places is very artificial, also invisible to the slaves, the system of slaves is an incredible collectible on the map, but they remain standing as statues in the castle is not so interesting, make animations for each type of slave, warrior, prisoners, exiles, archers … each with its animation inside its castle, it would be incredible every time play loaded its slaves were posing , gestures … different

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