Financing Conan Exiles outside of DLCs

Hello, I have read that Conan Exiles can be further developed by the cosmetic DLCs. Personally, I don’t like this additional cosmetic content, but would still send money to the developers.

Couldn’t there be a donation page or something like that?
There might also be people who donate more than the DLC-Bundels can take… Think about it.

Would be cool :slight_smile:


Donation button would be a good thing I guess. I think a better one would be to invest cash toward specific tasks.

  • If we like expansions, we invest money for that task.
  • If we like campaigns, we invest money for that task.
  • If we like soundtracks, we invest money for that task.
  • If we like accessories, we invest money for that task.

Each investment would be cut between these four in some share sizes defined by the investor themselves.


Hey thats a cool idea! Like, really cool! Quite the entrepreneur!

I mean, i would literally PAY Funcom to add a sprint attack and a jump attack to every weapon. If they told me how much it would cost, id get it. No prob.

I think your business plan would work well in many scenarios. It’s capitalism. The American dream!

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You know what, id love to see an experiment where a game developer took this approach from the start. To see what kind of game the people could build with the creative directing and skillful composition of professionals.

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I’m already on it, in a way… :wink:

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Then you can buy DLCs and give them as gifts to your friends/clanmates :wink: I’ve bought all of them for myself and a couple for my friend.


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