Find player built structure icon

As someone who builds a lot and tends to rip down and shift builds in single player, just thought having an icon to locate player built structures would be handy. Game says I have 14 build pieces active after tearing down a 3600 piece build. I rebuilt 9 foundations to park my thralls and gear on whilst scouting out new build sites. Just can’t remember where I built the other 5 pieces on the Exiled Lands (perils of building when tired). A way to track where would be helpful

Pippi has it! :wink:
There is a map function where you can see placed thralls, building pieces, placeabels, etc.

Sadly on console

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get on pc version then … there a whole host more stuff to do on pc then console

Left clicking on the map (or the console equivalent of it) will allow you to place a custom icon anywhere.

Not the ideal solution but it’s the best method you have available to you on console.

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There is a limit on Icons keep going over it on our private server wish they would increase. Still should be enough for your offline game. @Lucidique

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