Finding "scouting" followers

Is there a mod that allows you to see where a “scouting” follower is on the map?

I sometimes find myself in the situation that I die, and when I return to the scene my follower who is “scouting” is nowhere to be found. Earlier this evening I had Sigrid with me. I died, went back couldn’t find her. The followers tab showed me “scouting” then “returning home”. She didn’t make it home. Log file confirmed the death. Also couldn’t find the body. Painful.

(And stupid oversight of mine: I didn’t think to click “rescue”).

Regards, C.

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Just on the chance you don’t know, the little eye icon on the follower page if ticked will place an icon on your map.


And if you still can’t find them you can use the “Rescue” option… Although they lose their inventory when you do that.

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Thank you, I did not know that. In fact, I had never noticed the little eye icon.

Regards, C.


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