Finish and Capture

I would find it amusing if the game was confusing in that were a character to leave the exiled lands, they would not leave.

Instead be possibly encountered in “their” lands only as an NPC until their lands were no more.

Similarily, a captured player could 1) wait to be rescued 2) escape using a hidden lockpick and weapon + armor or 3) restart with new character and go rescue old character if they wish who would be just a named random thrall.

Two things. About hiding armor and weapon on naked body. Isn’t the movie quote always “How did they get that?!” when escaping. And a personal build becoming something strange when taking option 3. “Captivity can have a strange effect on people”. Take your chances I guess.

Mostly I just want to keep finishing the game over and over in solo with abandonment disabled to populate the game with my old characters. Perhaps their location should always be at their last bound respawn point. That would be better for what I want at least.

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