Finish more of your storyline please

Storyline is so important

One of the npc’s in game is Mek-kamoses the Set trainer who talks about wanting revenge on Thoth Amon and want a way to do so.

We can build the keystone and that will let any of us including Mek-kamoses regain his magic ability. For us it ends the game WHEN USED but we could give it to him and get a reward as he has stated which was learning the secrets in the book of Skelos if we could bring him something.

I’ve tried giving him the keystone but I am given no option to actually give it to him.

I would like to get the secrets in that book please.


Nice one :+1:, I am so on it for more than one reason, I believe that this idea would give a fresh air to this game and it would go to the max with a new little dungeon that you enter with Mek but without thrall, to find this book, it would be awesome :+1:.

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