Finished! Love this game

Got all the achievements after one run on very hard and another on Ironman. Great game but a little light IMO. Hopefully we get some DLC or some sort of expansion soon. NG+ would be a good way to go at it again.


I feel the same, it was over too quick and no real big moments or boss battles I feel. I kind of expected more, but I still enjoyed the game.

Also I feel like the game is too easy even on the hardest difficulty since you can just put down a flare and get high ground and wreck everything with overwatch. The game was challenging at the start when you have no good gear, but once you do get good weapons it felt very basic what you had to do to win.

Thats my worst thing…such a lovely game, but so much unused potential.

can you please tell me how its so easy for you, cuz apparently I suck at this game if what you’re saying is true

You may have figured this out by now (8 days later), but generally you just need to pick off patrolling enemies one by one when they’re not around anyone else, using silent weapons. Most fights can be whittled down to just two or three bad guys (sometimes even one). Then you just go in blasting using your regular weapons.