Finishing Cult of Personality before Vermin Cleanup Duty

I hadn’t quite finished Vermin Cleanup Duty when I went went into the gym to finish Cult of Personality. Now I have no broom! Looks like it got overwritten by the boxing gloves, and there’s no broom to pick up again by the job board.

Pausing the mission doesn’t fix this; it comes back to “Pick up the broom” but there’s no broom to pick up. Zoning worked, but that’s a long way to go–the broom should be there if needed immediately!

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Had my broom vanish a couple of times. I found that just a short walk to outside the hut area and back again brings the broom back. Bit annoying but not too much of a hassle.

That only works if your broom item hasn’t been replaced or removed. In my case here, it was replaced by the boxing gloves (and then the gloves auto-deleted as they should), so the game couldn’t autoswap a non-existant broom back into my hands.

Well, all I know is that worked for me a couple of times when my broom was totally non-existent. No broom anywhere but then it just magically reappears out of nowhere. My weapons slots were empty however, so that may be a requirement.

I reported it in Discord that after gym your broom vanishes - but I also got it back after running around a bit. Maybe visit other places that replace your weapons? After few times I just remembered that I need to finish cleaning first to not spend my time looking for stolen broom…

I have the same issue with it, the broom just never comes back if you go to the gym first.

I tried going back to get a broom from the pickup area a few times, but to no avail. I tried:

  • /reloadui
  • Cycling night and day
  • Warping to and from Agartha
  • Logging out and back in

The only thing that worked was dropping the mission and starting over to pick up the broom from the beginning.