Fireplace turns on

Everytime I log into game my fireplace is turned on. Started turning it off when I read that it could be causing unexplained deaths when logged out. Soloplayer online

Yup. Those things are deadly. They’re actually like 75% of my base defense on my PvP server. They have a vertically infinite pillar of heatstroke, so they’re much better anti-climb than spikes.

Knowing that these things are pretty much the volcano on steroids, I’ve never even tried placing one for aesthetic. Just make sure your character isn’t aligned vertically with the fireplace. Not a floor above, not a floor below. Not at the top of the map, not at the bottom of the map. Knock out on the same floor but other side of the building if you want to be sure.


Thanks for the info, moved fireplace out of homestead

I’ve never had any issues with fireplaces being dangerous. But then again, I only place them in the North, amidst the ice and snow. Are you guys placing them in the South?

Yes, my base is close to the Sentinels. Didn’t think it would be an issue, but the damn thing turns itself on.

I had two in my throneroom atop Shattered Basin as decorations, but then they were made better (=hotter) and I nearly died in my bedroom two stories above the throneroom…
I had to remove them…

Yea, but I’m pretty sure they’ll still work as a mini volcano in the north. Even with full heat protection it’s impossible to climb my base without falling to heatstroke so i can’t imagine a few degrees colder would make a difference

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