Fireside RP PVP-C 5XP 3H PC server

Fireside RP PVP-C NA PC server based in Seattle
Server IP
Query info: 27036
Owner: Dedish
Server rates: 5XP 3H
Discord Server
Full mod collection can be found here

Welcome to Fireside RP a pvp conflict server with 5xp and 3h ideal for small groups or solo players.

Server features incl.

A safe zone village (Fireside Village) set up with a tavern / inn that has rooms fresh players can rent if they don’t have a base yet and need a safe place to log, a card table for playing against other players and gambling. There are some open crafting stations if anyone needs to use them, a room with portals leading to each of the biomes taking people to and from Fireside village, merchants sell various items and room to set up your own merchants, a banker, and several quest for various levels offering rewards.

We have a starter kit with more kits on the way they will be made purchasable
Weekly events with rewards.
Custom dungeons with quest will be added at some point.

Active Staff: Able to help with any issues directly from the discord. Zero admin abuse. Mods only have to power to kick cheaters/hackers. Admins will never spawn in items unless it's rewards for an event or the building of a arena or custom dungeon with quests.

Modded We’ve added a few mods to facilitate even more role play options to your character / clan / group

Streamer Friendly We welcome streamers to come and join us and have rules in place to help streamers with those pesky meta’s

Group friendly You and your pals looking for a new place to start an adventure?
Solo friendly Looking for a new place just by yourself? Not a problem, come join the community and make some new friends too!

English Speaking Community US/EU/AU based community, but as long as you speak English even just as a second language, come join us!

Responsive to feedback Once a part of our community, we take everyones thoughts and opinions into our server seriously, if you have great ideas, we want to hear them!

A custom discord players must join with a full set of server rules.