Firs of all Thanks a lot for this new map it's awsome , also a few bugs I came accross and last a question about early access and wipe

Thank you Funcom for your work on this new map , we can see the amount of work and it’s awsome !

I noticed today that there was no warning message for server restart , maybe this bug was introduced with last patch , I’ll try to stay on to see if it reproduces tomorow .

some of the textures on the island north east let the bears go through them when he tries to aggro path to you ,the one near the waterfall when you come from the main island on the left , another is near the big demon walking back an forth the broken bridges , when you come from the small lake the bears go trhough the textures

small issues in regards to the amount of work , it feels totaly different from the exiles lands , and it’s always nice to see the “easter eggs” ( i.e the new delving bench is totally a reference to AOC mod , i hope they like it :wink: )

bravo !

ps : I wondered if the Early access server going to wipe when the game get fully released or not ? since they did on the exiles land .

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