First man Ogres, can we get their armour (it looks awesome)

Just wondering if we can get the first man ogre armour in game at all? The one that has one arm fully admored like the gladiator type armour, and if it’s not in game devs can you add it in as the medium set since that’s missing from the first man crafted armors :blush:

Below is the armour i mean, sorry it’s a bad pic


Add tame ogres too


@AndyB sorry to ask but do you know if they have any plans for this armour set to the game that the first man ogres wear?

There’s a light and heavy but no medium set so maybe a future plan in the works?

That armour would definently be a hit with folks for sure for it’s barbaric one armoured arm gladiator look


Weird i smell burnt toast……wait wait, just a stroke


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