First-Person View for Mounts (and Possibly Climbing & Swimming)

I am an avid user of first-person in Conan Exiles, even for combat (while I prefer to use archery, I will still use melee in first-person). I would love to see the option to use first-person on mounts, and potentially even climbing and swimming someday, though I can see why climbing is third-person.

Hell I’m on the PS4 we still don’t have first person combat…would be nice

I might be wrong, and I hope I’m wrong, but if i recall correctly first person combat,swim and climb where disabled because they allow to glitch into bases and textures of the map (meshing) and they are unable to fix it/work around it.
Try to go first person, crouch, go against a wall or a door, punch it and move the camera around, you’ll be able to see inside people bases and inside the texture of the map.

Well I remember in the very beginning we had first person combat, so it worked just fine, but that was later changed so maybe what you said is the reason why? I’m not sure, it would be nice to have first person combat but not if it allows exploits.

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It might be fixed or get fixed, but it’s a slippery slope, devs might have better infos. But it was disabled for a very good reason.

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