First Post, with a crash Question after Windows Update (KB5003173)

Conan Exiles worked fine until I installled the Windows 10 Security Update (KB5003173 (Betriebssystembuilds 19041.985 und 19042.985)).

Now if I try to start I get a Window with “Fatal error!” and only an “OK” Button. Having not needed until now I try to figure out where to get support or file an bug report.

Perhaps someone could be so nice to point me in the right direction.

Even more not helping is, that when you click in the Helppage (Funcom Help - Funcom) on the Link for "PC Bug Reports " you get an “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

If you start a thread in the PC discussion it will give you a bug report template to follow. Maybe one of the community managers will see this here and ask for a log from you in a private message? @Ignasis

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ok, postet it as

wow micro$oft is really on a roll with their “security” updates
first faulty KB5001330 and now this…