First Purge After a 3YO Purchase

Got the game 3 years ago, 150hrs steam record, finnally meet a purge. It wass great, love how they destroy my 2nd base and destroy everything valueable I have. My T4 blacksmith, my steel bar, my steel and iron reinforcement, my silk, my brick, my every cup of berry juice, everything I care enough to transfer to that 2nd base from my initial humble homested in southern river bank.

They were a bunch of cultists. Their archers are as tough as Kappa King which is rediculous. Yet still I manage to kill 3 of them with my T3 bearer tank and countless tactical retreat. Ironically, since my 2nd base was next to Kappa King for thick hide harvesting, I tried to lure the wild Kappa King to my base to aid the defense, but the cultists have too many 2-leg-kappa-king archers, and I couldn’t kill them quickly enough at all.

My defense was weak. Only 1 lvl11 T3 fighter, about 2500hp. She was down in the first 2 minutes after the engagement. She was surrounded, trying hard with her iron war axe to gain ground. But those 2-leg-kappa-king cultist archers are not only tough to kill, they also hitting hard. Her stygian raider armor was no match to the rain of death. I don’t even know her name, nor her origin, only Figther III, but I do remember the glorious days I spent with her, about how we kill kappa, lizard, spider, pirates, cannibals together, and how we capture some of them. It was she helped me captured the companion I travel with nowaday, the Bearer III, who I also don’t know the name, nor origin. She will be missed.

The cannibal Dancer II was gone as well. She was only lvl 1, and was told to be passive, to prevent her accidently join the kappa king hunting again. At least it was quick. There was another guard, Hyrkanian Figher I, lvl 7, wearing pirate armor set to cover her 2 gorgous assets. She was guarding 2nd floor by the time cultists arrived. I don’t know what became to her, but by the next day, the whole base was perished.

The land of exiles is a strange place, it told me I defeated the purge as I survived it, in a suddon all remaining cultists retreated and disappeared. But there was nothing left. Except me, and my lvl19 11kHP Bearer III, who had only 3k hp left. I returned to my humble start-over-home, defeated, seeing no improved forge, no improved armor bench, no improved potion bench, no double bed, no iron chests. But the wheels of pain are still spinning. Oh yes yes! The wheels of pain.


It is a pleasure knowing you enjoy reading it. Thank you!
I have a Sully guy as well, he was doing the workout at my first base. And another named cannibal dancer, also working hard to gain the privelege to serve my glorious conqueror army. But they take 25hrs to turn and I’m on single/co-op, so the progress is slow. Good thing is they were not in the 2nd base, otherwise I would lose them too, along with their 25hrs progress. I think I will left my PC on during the night to speed up their readiness.

These are very helpful advise. Thank you again, I will try it later. And next time, if more purges ever dare to arrive, I, shall, preveil [emote:a_badass_smirk]


Thank you for more advise! Didn’t know about the arena, I will go check that out.

Exactly, back in 2019 I used admin command and the game quickly lost its charm, took me 2 years to be interested enough to pick up this game again :laughing:


Alot of proven advice there.

Do not use admin mode, it will ruin your experience. Rising back from your ashes is the best this game provides.
Your answer to your problems lies in the mount of the dead. Glorious fighters, Cimmerian Berserkers are waiting to become thralls of yours.
Go to unnamed city, learn the cartographer, fix a map room, obtain all the obelisk and start regaining your dominance in the map.
If you don’t know where the Cimmerian Berserkers spawn I will gladly send you a photo.
Fix a greater wheel of pain, put Godrath for task master (I can send you location for him too) and gain 8 Berserkers each day. It is just one spawn every time (15 minutes to respawn) but they are real fighters. They would crash kapa everything even lvl 1.
They spawn with star metal great swords, so you don’t need to give them weapon, just armor. Yet if you farm the mount of the dead, with a Berserker not your bearer, you will gain so many epic armor pieces, so you will dress all your army for free.
Do not build away from Darfari villages unless you have at least 10 Berserkers lvl 20.
If you want fast steel without fights and pick grinding, go to Sepermeru. Start climbing roofs and you will find too many chests with steel, thick leather, crystal, etc…
Focus on map room , obelisks and berserkers. Then all the exile lands are yours.
Have a happy new year exile and good luck :+1:t6:


Pay attention to the food you’re giving your thralls. Some foods give lots of hp back per second. Feeding pots are good for distributing food out to a large area during a defense.

But yeah, if you’re playing enough to get a purge regularly it’s better (in my opinion) to build your defenses first.


Instead of leaving your pc on, adjust your the speed to match your average session. On servers we have the luxury to log off and wake up with a ready thrall and/or mats. It is not cheating if you make things happen a bit faster to compensate for the lack of offline progress.


Occasionally I get purges in the form of my son logging on and testing trebuchets at “I swear I’m far enough” distances that are nearly far enough and I only discover this because I’m the only one who actually checks the event logs and…URGH!

Is it too much to ask that he just points the damn things AWAY from our base?!

Anyhow, loved reading your narrative, way cooler than what I go through.


Wow! Being able to play some game with own kid is really cool experience! Well, in order to test a trebuchet, one need to find a target first, and I guess your fortress looks like a perfect target in this kind of practice. After all, the ultimate joy of sandbox is to destory what you built afterwards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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