First Season Battle Pass Content?

So I’m already finished with the Season 2 battle pass, and still have challenges that are… completely pointless now.

I missed the first season’s battle pass, and the Bazaar content is sparse at best. This is probably heresy, but are there any plans or options for being able to get stuff from the Season 1 Battle Pass?



So you suggest that players who didn’t have the chance to play previous bb series to pay a small amount, half prize for example, to gain them?

Something like that. There’s a lot of neat stuff in the first battle pass that some will otherwise never have access to - and while I feel pretty shrug about emotes and armor, the building items are rad.


Yes, it won’t be nice to keep the known policy, like they did in the past. They could at least put these bb items in bazzar!

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Hopefully Funcom team will display some of the previous BP items for sale or drops (Twitch drops and such), like in other games I have played.
We just need to stay tuned to changes on the store :wink:.
Oh!, and I usually take challenges I cannot achieve on online servers to my local game :muscle:.

They should make the battlepass for cosmetics,not a pay to win full of glitch weird dlc like it is atm…

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