First time playing and trying out the game! I like it! :)


Just this week had a chance to try out the game, and find it really nice. Improvements from last year seem to have gone well with the crowd, although relying on 2nd hand feedback for that as this is the first time I played!

Did a bit of a first look play video -->

A few things that stood out while experiencing the game for the first time. What are your thoughts?

Not at all evident that you use “E” to pick up rocks/branches/fiber to begin with, managed to die before that even struck me. Was trying to bash/punch things first, which gave no resources. Happening on the “path” to start with, I even thought it was a beginner guide/path that was guiding the player through some simple game play.

The UI has a lot of information, and is quite complex for a new player. After a while I got used to it, but then started wishing for dedicated keys to actually make better use of it. Ie, such as being able to jump to the “search” field to search for a recipe, and not have to click it, then type. Other things such as “i” for inventory, but then need to escape out of it rather than “i” again (which goes to other pages) for instance. Or “loot all” being f, or space, or whatever depending on whether you are in the container or just looking at it. Very easy to hit a key and loot a container just coz you happened to move the mouse past it for instance.

Feats to recipes to crafting is quite complex, and without wiki nothing stood out to guide. Ie, was doing a lesser wheel of pain. And looked like I needed to make some porridge as food based on the icon. But it was “gruel” … which there seemed to be no way to search recipes for, or feats, or where to cook or mix, and though in the campfire seemed reasonable, how would you know what ingredients to put into the slots and hope to make it? Some of this stuff the game could easily guide you through better, such as a full list of recipes attached to campfire. Some crafting stations have recipes, some don’t.

Smooth game play! Surprisingly so. Even with a ping of 200, I rarely noticed much issues with latency and lag that would make it unplayable. That really helps, especially playing with people from around the globe rather than just in a nearby server.

Exploration is a blast. Beautiful places to see, monsters to fight, even though everything seems to be wanting to kill the player almost :wink:

Combat seems ok, although monsters are a bit too predictable. Hit hit and dodge, wait for the attack, then redo. It seems often the mobs go through and attack even when there’s simply no way they would hit, which wastes their attack move for a while and makes it too predictable in how you can kill them. Being animals, you’d expect many of them to be attacking far quicker than the slow animation at the moment, which together with the predictability makes combat seem a little bit too easy.

NPC respawns seem way fast at times. Read somewhere that there is a server setting, but that many NPC’s don’t respect it anyhow. Definitely think respawning should be reviewed, maybe to the point of also not spawning if there are players around. Entering a village and killing half, and seeing that half respawn as you fight the last few a minute or so later is tough :slight_smile:

But overall, definitely impressed with how it plays and feels. The nice thing about a nice big map with a lot of biomes, means for much to discover and explore, with increasing difficulty levels :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more improvements, more extensions, more content over the year!

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