First two days bugs so far

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Region: PVE 3519 public

  1. Fight mechanic changes have me having to release shield grip to do the combo axe/shield rotation. Otherwise I just do the first jump and hack repeatedly.
  2. Bizarro thrall in Volcano that was naked and had white hair with just the title [Performer]. One hit him and dragged to wheel. He turned into an unnamed bag. It went through a quick progress on wheel, but remained an unnamed bag. I still have this bag thrall in my cabinet. I tried to place at different locations throughout the world, but it will not let me. I really want to see this bag perform.
  3. Pets aggro great! Kudos! Queen bug fights great but when she spits it’s like the vomiting scene from stand by me and it seems to go on forever. Also, the thrall/pet aggro will go wide. Don’t be surprised if they go chasing other mobs that weren’t even aggro’d to you. ( I swear she chased a far off pack of wolves who were just minding their own business) Must be some bot offline trash talking and they are getting revenge.
  4. Bad lag every time I look at any inventory window. Mostly so after a break from looking at one. Also, combat lag is horrific. I got attacked by three wolves and only saw the last one die. It’s like I black out, become Hulk and destroy everything, and the next thing I know I’m Bruce again. I’m not digging testing a boss fight just yet. Especially when my Vathis supply is precious now.
  5. Took down boar boss. Still weak but longer to kill. No prize for effort. Bump this guy up and get him a key already!
  6. My pets are still trapped in foundations. I have at least three invisible crocs.
  7. After naming pets you can see name in feeder which is awesome. Picture is cool. Still can’t scroll through list. Kinda useless still.
  8. Do not yet notice any bump in T4 thralls. Especially in Volcano. I’ll report more on that in a week.
  9. I’m getting much higher rates of instant finish on all stations on first use at each base as I go after login. Did not crash though, so it’s a pleasant bug.
    All for now.

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Hey there,
Thank you for your extensive feedback.
Regarding Bizarro thrall, A.K.A Vathis, it was unintended that he could be engaged in combat and thus captured. It was fixed in the latest patch and can no longer be captured or broken down.


look, about the whole vathis thing,
i asked why we couldn’t get him on console like they had on pc
we had “Master of Ceremonies” that acts like vathis does now, just talks to you.
i was told on the Conan Twitter “In the upcoming parity patch you will be able to get the Named Fighter Vathis and many more great things from the PC version of the game”
now y’all say its a bug, its bs and y’all need to get on the same page.
if anyone there was a gamer which at this point seems highly unlikely,
you would understand the frustration this causes.
just tell us the truth for once please


Hey there,

The truth is that Vathis was a story NPC that was supposed to be interactable, but not able to enter combat and thus being captured. It was an unintended glitch on PC and consoles, which has been fixed now. On the most recent patch, you can finally find a thrall of the fighting class named Vathis, which provides story lore. Hope that cleared that out :slight_smile:


No, this isn’t Vathis and he is still there. He came back next day. He’s by the cook spawn not far from the teleport. I’ll add a pic of him. It’s a naked performer. His title is just performer and he turns into a bag once on the wheel.



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Lol I didn’t think of Dolph’s He-Man but that’s awesome!:joy:

It was never about “being cleared out”
if you read what i wrote, it was the fact that i was told on Twitter
something completely different, you can reread the post.
And your smilely face and cheers are completely inappropriate

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