Fish Ponds - Repeated Ask

Please let me give you money for a Fish Pond/Improved Fish Pond that works exactly like a Fish Trap/Improved Fish Trap.

This would be something akin to the bath, but, wait for it, would allow you to raise fish without being near a source of water.


Not that I would not spend Crom coins for that, but it would be better to bring back at least the big well for this purpose, so we could put the fishnets inside.

But the more PTW aspects, the more complaining and stuff… I believe this could be involved in core game. Maybe as the new Journey step, so the price could be “Fish pool”, or some kind of fishnet which could be put into any source of water.


You should talk to someone from Emberlight mod, or Exiles Extreme, much higher chance that it’s going to happen then :wink:

Breeding Pond… with these lovely reef fish from the Noob River :heart_eyes:


I would like different skins for the ponds so that they match the environment placed: sandy oasis pond, grassy and rocky pond, and partially frozen pond with snowy edges.


That doesn’t solve the fact that only private server and offline pc players can have access to that. You forget that (at least) more than half of players don’t have the ability to use mods. If you’re on official PC or console (any server mode), you’re SOL.


Agreed. Make it a core game item. Sorry, no money, Funcom… but you’ll make tons of players happy.

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If they want to give it out as a Journey step or free upgrade, I won’t turn it down. But things cost money, so I am willing to pay for it.

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Problem with paid content like that is that it falls under p2w. If you could build nowhere near water and place down a pond, it’s absolutely p2w. They can’t do that and not expect backlash from the cheap bastards that will cry about it since they didn’t wanna buy it (siptah ring any bells?). Their only option is include it in the game as free.

We will have to disagree.

I’m not sure how the fish pond could be p2w. A T3 or better alchemist is going to be far more efficient for producing oil than pressing fish. You’ll also be better off with salted exquisite meat than cooked grouper as exquisite meat is far easier to get, IMO, for agility buff food.


And the crocodile jumping off the waters :heart_eyes:.

@Pugilist, you have my support, always :metal:.


You’re not seeing the bigger picture. More options for recipes without the need for water access IS p2w. Even if you don’t like those recipes, it’s still getting something that normal players can’t. As for oil. Lol… nobody with any sense on how to play the game is gonna get oil regularly from fish. That’s out of the question.

If you think I’m referring to oil, I’m not. No one in their right mind gets oil from fish anymore.

Can I have a chair and a stubbie please?

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Dude, we can disagree, it’s not a challenge or an insult. It’s like having a favorite flavor of ice cream.

Folks can disagree with your conclusion without it being a personal insult.

I disagree with your conclusion, I do not criticize you for having it. The topic of whether it is PTW or, p2w if you prefer, is not of value to me to discuss.

We disagree and that’s okay.

It’s not so much that… I don’t mind if you disagree. What I’m referring to is how Funcom and others (say, PvP players who don’t come to this forum) will see it. If it’s a resource gathering item behind a paywall, it’ll be considered p2w. They will instantly see it as an advantage, whether it actually provides a true advantage or not. There’s no arguments to be had there. You can’t effectively argue with a mob of angry gamers telling all their friends to boycott the game. The only way to avoid this potential is by making it free or in the vanilla game. I agree, it’s a cool idea, but I don’t think it’s a wise decision to make it a paid bazaar item.

Then take away the ability to drink or put fish traps in it & make it purely decorative, with visual of fishes swimming in it.

I honestly don’t grok the irrational knee jerk reaction you are describing. If they took a minute to think about it they’d see there’s no real advantage, but whatever… :roll_eyes:

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I agree, but I just know what the reactions will be. It’s annoying, but true. :unamused:

I also see giant walled off bases with 20 ponds for fish farming in the desert in that future. :roll_eyes:

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