Fish Trap Water Glitch

I’m putting a fish trap underwater in this river (Pic) And it is saying “needs to be in water” so I edited the fish trap (Horizontal movement, angle, ETC) and the trap is COMPLETLY underwater (The pic) So I don’t know what is going on. (P.S. The fish expiration part doesn’t make sense. The fish is in its own water, so why does it expire?) (2nd pic shows the location. Just before the waterfall.) Update: I can’t add a pic, So I am at the top of the waterfall of G8 near the Shattered Basin.)

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They nerfed the fish traps and the part that shows you the error “Needs to be in water” is an actual bug that was supposed to be fixed two patches ago I believe.

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This is a classic building bug. When building bugs appear do another action and come back to the original. Most of the times this trick works. If however this is a server bug, then you have to wait the server restart. If nothing happens find another place to put the traps, because some servers have permanent problems :pensive:.

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