Fish traps always empty

have just found that a few min later:

I don’t know how big it is exactly. But it if you let something being crafted at your base, for instance some iron ore being processed, then go away, when you come back at one point you will hear a bunch of sounds like the ones you hear near your station when an item is finished being crafted, then a loud one, as if they all finished at the same time. If you are under 60 that’s when you’ll get a bunch of exp for all the items that got crafted while you were away. So at this moment, when you hear all this, you’ll know that you got into your base’s map cell. Before release that was also the point where dragged unconscious thralls where suddenly disappearing into the ground. So if you hear the crafting bang when traveling between your fish farm and your base, you’ll know that they are both in different cells.

Ok then it must be bigger than what i was thinking. Thanks
i don’t know if i have still the will to go for a new testing session and place my beloved fishtraps AGAIN lol, but will see… maybe my curiosity will win and i’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

This is going to sound retarded - but place a foundation in the water first.

I’ll try that approach.

I have fish (and shellfish) traps all over the map that do not function at all, so I don’t think it has much to do with being in the same chunk or cell as your main base. I have no idea what the common denominator is though… It seems so random. My traps were fine a few days ago.

i tried that too, thanks.
As usual, it works for a while only…untill i restart the server.

Bah. So it doesn’t change anything then?

Not for me at least.

That’s too bad. Well thanks for trying it out.

No, it is me who is thanking you all for the input advices…etc.
Now it’s beyond my understanding and only devs can help/figure out that stuff.
But my 2 cents is that the server restart is the trouble maker. But guess you have already gotten that …:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I really don’t know what the trouble maker is. I think some of my traps have broken without me logging out of single player. But I could be remembering incorrectly. I don’t know anymore… I should stop thinking about it and just wait for patch notes saying it’s fixed.

yeah, i’m pretty much at the same spot :slight_smile:tired of testing these traps.
Wait and see then…

Dedicated server, Fish traps work until server reboots, then have to place new traps. both fish and shellfish traps forget how to work after server reboot.

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I can confirm this bug. fish traps work for the first few hours… then they are always empty.

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if the trap isnt deep, NO fish after initial looting

I have two fish traps in shallow water (connected to river), about half of the traps is above the water surface, and they catch fish all the time. (single player)

I have caught countless fish without the trap being in water at all. It allowed me to place them in the sand next to the water (you can even drink water through the sand)… So depth is definitely irrelevant.

Regardless of where I place the traps or how deep they are, they always break now. Sometimes they don’t even start working.

Hi guys i know im a little late for this discussion but i got some info you might find interesting, to say the leasts. Im suffering the same proplem as you guys BUT. My friends that im playing with doesnt have the proplem. To add to that information we are all experiencing proplems with wheel of pain smelter etc pausing.

if your friends have placed their traps after the server restart and you before, this is the reason why they get fish and you not.
i bet they will find empty traps soon enough (after the server restart) or they are simply placing new ones after each server restart which is the only solution i’m aware of right now.
PS: it’s never too late for a discussion :smiley:
wheel of pain pausing is sthing else, since it has always been this way when you play online: everytime the server restarts most wheels of pain will pause (especially the ones that are far from your character on the map. Same thing is going on with workstations that you have to switch on/off (bonfires, cauldrons, tannery,furnaces…etc) the blacksmith bench is one of the exceptions to this rule since it has no on/off button.


Fish traps and water wells/staues of refresh from mitra (and certainly,beehives too) will stop working after every server restart.There is nothing you can do we were able to find to prevent this issue from happening.

The only way to deal with it, is to replace the old ones by new ones after EVERY server restart.

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