Fish traps always empty

Nope online I put traps in water logged out for night came back next day traps are gone nothing in event log saying someone destroyed them just gone. I figured I got too many fish and they swam away with my traps lol
But seriously they just disappeared

Tout à fait d’accord avec toi :slight_smile: A bientôt.

I noticed they disappear ‘very’ quickly on single player.
The normal setting says that decay is disabled, but it lies. It has to be disabled by manually.
After I disabled it, mine never disappeared again.

Anyway, it was also probably the crazy fast decay timer for you too.

Didn’t think about that I bet your right

My traps work, there on the shore line in the swamp.

Ok last update from me:

yesterday i was still able to find fish in traps and today after having restarted the server NO FISH after one hour spent in game.
So i think i may have the same issue as Exnihiloish (damm, that was hard to pronnounce,lol !)
This is issue is definitely not related to shallow water, now i can say that for sure.
It might highly be the server restart that is resetting the production, and once it is reset, it seems the traps production get somehow stuck at 0 and can no longer start again.

Note: this is issue is “online” related imo. i haven’t seen it ever in my singleplayer game.

and as usual :slight_smile: little screenshot enclosed.

hope the devs will figure out the issue, even if it’s no big deal to me (no plan on reinforced stone buildings) assuming they know about it in the first place, but i guess they could be a tiny bit busy with other things right now…

Cheers guys.

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I have this problem in single player.
But yeah they definitely have more important bugs to work on first.

Smashing spiders with a pick is another excellent source of ichor. (You can get hundreds from one cave very quickly.)

ah ok interesting…
yeah spider are back to give ichor again as they used too (their drop had seemed to be significantly reduced at some point) i got a descent amount of it while looking for gossamer.

Seems like a pick is the best tool to collect it. Also for gossamer. You can ‘mine’ gossamer that’s on the ground and get like 10+ at a time instead of picking it up by hand and getting 1-2 at a time. So you can get like 1,000 gossamer in about 2 minutes… It’s crazy.

For me hatchet seems to get the most of gossamers, we already talked about it in an other thread on steam.
Moreover one guy gave a nice hint about the best “cocoon” harvesting area.
But what you are sayin…wow! do you mean i can harvest cocoons on the ground by using my tools and thus get lots more of it? If this is true that’s insanely great…
i’m gonna give it a shot next time 100% :slight_smile:

Yes I am :slight_smile:
From my experience, hatchets and picks give the same amount of ichor. Same for gossamer too.

I think I know what area you’re talking about. I think it’s just east of the exile camp. Tons of spider webs everywhere.

Tools also work for other things you can pick up by hand. Like a pick used to harvest flowers or a hatchet to harvest branches laying on the ground. Etc.

thanks for the nice tipp, i’ll check it out next time.
the area i’m talking about is right begind the “summoning place” ( biggest dafari camp on the map) and is indeed north east from the exiles cavern where brimstone is to be found too.

Yep, excellent spot!
No problem at all. Happy hunting.

Maybe it is because I play on official maybe I am just lucky…

First few trial and error made me think…

Fishtraps should be almost or fully underwater. and preferably close to base and on foundations!

Otherwise they stop working, and or completely disappearing after 4-5 hours.

Ever since I moved them closer to base and built an underwater foundation to them I have no problem with them at all. Therefore neither with ichor and oil.

hope it helped you.

Our server is also suffering from this problem. It’s actually pretty frustrating. We have to constantly take them down and put them back up in order to get any fish at all. Not that they cost too much, it’s just really tedious.

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will try the foundations thing then.
thanks Gary

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I placed foundation under water put the trap on foundation that seems to have fixed the issues

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Really? thanks for the head up then man, have to think about it…

I read this thread and I wanted to add my experiences since update 33 - yes, fish traps have been broken on my servers since that time. You place fish traps in shallow or deep water and you get fish - for about one day. After that no fish - EVER - unless you pick up the traps (fish and shellfish) and replace them. If the location of the trap were the issue it shouldn’t work at all.

I have not noticed a response from FunCom - could we get a reply as to is this a bug (and if so is it on the todo list?) or a feature? If a feature, can we look into fishing poles?

It seems that the advices from icehuntman and garyice may actually work. So place your traps on foundations (i’m testing with sandstone foundations right now but i think it doesn’t matter). I’m still waiting for further testing though, but i will be posting back here before the end of the day with my conclusion about that.
cheers and thanks for your contribution.