Fish Traps and the West River

Ok, I get it, there’s lots of bugs with Siptah. And I’m not savvy on what all goes on into programming the game and its functions and how easy or hard it is to fix certain bugs. Shoot, not even sure how Funcom is prioritizing bugs (easy fixes, hard fixes, game breaking fixes, etc etc). But a month into EA now and still no fix for placing fishtraps in the river on the west side of Siptah. Really? Almost the entire river, running north/south on the west side of Siptah does not permit fishtraps in the water. Sure, you can run a row of them on the shoreline, or put them in the lake at the head of the river. But actually put them IN water? Lol, nope! This is seriously causing problems for my fish n chips empire… :slight_smile:

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Weird all along the river on my server are fishtraps, done the usual lowering, TILTING and or placing on underwater foundations? i never understood anyone who puts them bare ■■■ in the water

Put the tails on the beach, then they work.
Its both rivers BTW.

Half the time you also get better results by putting them along the edge, just OUT of the water -.-

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