Fish Traps are OP



I can defiantly see where your coming from, the depth and amount of water should at least play a role. and the amount of traps.

not enough to cripple extaction (but common its a passive resource, how much is to much?), but enough where if your farming that many traps, you will need to fight for resources (water holes) if you want that excessive amounts


1 fish trap or crab pod can keep 4 players alive easily playing all day.

Maybe they should require some input. Because lets be honest, why harvest meat when you can eat lobster or crab all day.


Are lobster/crabs better than fish sticks?


Yes and last 2 hours.


I’ll give it a try later as I can’t find a reliable source for food and their health recovery. Always thought fish strips gave the most at the cost of a tiny bit of thirst.


try exotic meat from mammoths etc. or even better, the extended cooking recipes (with cook thrall) there are so many foodstuffs in this game…

cant seem to find the absinthe recipe tho


Yeah they’re better, but since I’m between jungle and desert got no beast close that gives me exotic meat. I get way too many fish anyway so might as well eat it if it’s decent.


This is one thing that I love about sandbox games. There are just so many ways to get to the top of the proverbial mountain, and the fishing traps are a great example.

This game is so open to ways of doing things. I love it.


It’s in the Den link:


Agree, but the developers have bigger fish to fry right now


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