Fishing and new biomes

The game has a system of automatic catching of fish and shellfish in the form of traps.

1. But are there any plans for a more complex system that the player will control himself?
So he had to create a fishing rod, go fishing and follow the process of fishing. And I have a question about oysters, wouldn’t it be more logical to add the ability to boil and fry them?
It would be more reasonable to add the ability to catch oysters in places where there is water, not only in the biome with the jungle.

2. Are there any new biomes planned and do the developers have any ideas about the new location and possibly a new map with a different story?
I don’t count on procedural map generation, but it would be interesting to explore new lands.

The current official word is that there will be no new biomes in the foreseeable future. The map is as big as it can get under the current game engine. If they update the engine at some point they may be able to expand the map too, but I wouldn’t count on that happening in near future.

How would an active fishing work? The way we do everything now is click, click, click, things get into our inventory. It would look silly if done with a fishing rod, so it’d need to be something more complex, or we’d need to stand still with the rod for a long time waiting for a fish to bite.

Could you elaborate on the “process of fishing” and how it would work in the game? I’m having a hard time imagining how it would be done so it’d be interesting.

Well, okay.

The player will have to create their own rods of different quality. As weapons and tools on the similarity of the ax and picks, which can be improved if you improve the workbench and repair them using the appropriate resources. I can list a few things about how it might look:

1. The quantity and quality of the caught fish depends on the quality of the fishing rod. For example, using the usual fishing rod of the ‘lvl one’, the player has a chance to catch a small fish and there is a low percentage to catch a big one. With the rod of the lvl 2, there are more chances to catch both small and large fish and so on. (Use small fish gives less satiety, but respectively use big fish gives more satiety).

2. For full functionality fishing rods need to create a fishing line. If the rod is level one, you can use the usual rope, which can be made of twine. It will be of poor quality and will tear quickly. But if you make a fishing rod level two (in ancient times used materials such as silk, cotton, linen and horsehair. You can use some of it to create fishing line) then the probability that the line breaks will be less.

3. Fishing hook. It can be of different quality and if you create a rod of the first level, the hook can be made of wooden knots, which can be obtained by special processing of wood using an ax or a knife. If you make a rod lvl two then the hook can be made of a nail or metal wire, interacting with the workbench and hammer.

4. Use of bait. They can be several species, ranging from bread crumb (at best) and ending with insects, in the likeness of beetles or worms. Of course fishing takes less time if the pond is teeming with fish (although everything is relative, fishing in the same trap for fish and shellfish requires more time).

5. The system is a random spawn for the fish. On the example of how rabbits appear on the map and move on it.
They can be on the location, and may not be at all.

What is the difference between catching fish and shellfish with a trap from catching fish with a fishing rod? The fact that the process of fishing with a fishing rod is realistic when the trap for fish give a lot of food with minimal waste of resources.

In any case, the player will have an incentive to do something when there is some element of hardcore.
I like this game, but for the player it may seem too easy to learn.

You describe the equipment needed for fishing. But what does the player do when they actually fish? Do they “attack” a fish with the rod? Do they “harvest” the pond with the rod? Do they just stand still staring at their cork until a fish bites, and then do something to bring it up (e.g. “attack” the fish at that point, or time their controller clicks, or spam-click certain buttons)?

A net of some sort makes more sense for the time frame. They had throw nets for a long time. This could be used right on the shore with random results, and minor rare valuables. But I am all for any additional activities we can do to survive. Maybe make roaming bubbles or sloshing water that a hunter has to find and approach while crouched, or lay in wait at regularly visited spots.

I just set the direction vector through which developers can make the game a little more interesting, I do not know how the process of changing the existing gameplay looks from a programming point of view.

Maybe it can not be implemented at all from a technical point of view. I imagine it as a fishing system in Project Zomboid, where the player comes to the pond and waits for a certain amount of time to catch the fish. No quick-time events.

The player just stands still and the random system itself decides when the fish can fall for the bait and when the player catches it, it automatically gets into inventory. If the conditions are met and the fishing rod is of good quality-the fish will fall much earlier and with a large size.

Of course if the player will often fish the fish population will be reduced and the emergence of new fish will have to wait a long time. Also long if the player immediately cut down all the trees in the forest and he will have to wait until all over again will not grow. Accordingly, he will have to look for alternative ways to find food.

That’s right, the game lacks such moments that would add an element of complexity. Not when you took the ax, cut down the whole forest and everything is fine.

I do not expect gameplay at the level of The Long Dark, but this attitude to detail is very lacking in this game. When every your mistake can lead to death, given that the world of Hyboria is a very violent, aggressive and unfriendly.

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