Fishing And Shellfish Traps

Both the Fishing net/trap and the shellfish net/trap will not place in water says it needs to be placed in water, though I am in water. Even tried placing a block under said trap to no avail.

Where did you try?
Are you at some “river” in woody north?
I already asked on steam as well, why it’s not possible to place them there. People just went and replied it’s possible to place them into the giant ice lake as well as the other lake (and the part of the river which flows into it). Though that never answered my question.

But think about the placement of those traps. We can almost place them outside of water, only the bottom being covered (meaning 90% of the trap is above water). This leads me to the guess, that the traps wont check for water but rather for some else “zone” which needs to be applied to rivers and lakes (+else) in order for being able to place traps there. And finally I think, that someone forgot to create those zones for that river…
But all of that are only guesses, obviously I dont exactly know.

On a Testlive server, I have found you need to be in slightly deeper water, not all water lets you place them.
For example, outside the entrance to The Arena, the water there is too shallow until you move to the slightly deeper water 20 yards northeast.

Have you tried adjusting the rotation or axis. I’ve noticed they can be very picky about being placed but you have to get the rotation just right and it works, I’ve never really had an issue trying to place them where they wouldn’t work at all.

I cant talk about testlive. Only about live.
As I’ve said: those things dont need to be fully covered by water on live. They only need to be in the correct place. Also its a difference if it just says it needs to be put in water instead of “is obstrucded”, “cant be placed” …
I just assume that the rivers of that triangle will complely allow traps to be placed. I didnt test! This is why I didnt circle them but put a - - - line.
Obviously green=can be placed; red=cannot be placed; yellow=unknown