Fishing in the desert 🌵

Am I wrong or there is actually a way to place fish traps in built bodies of water?
The closest river is too far from my main base.


not working anymore… u will have to build an outpost in a river or something…


Fishes can help a bit in the beginning yet after awhile in the late game they are not so useful!
Not to mention that if you want them for cooking you can fill a preservation box very easy!
Now, in these cases you have 2 options!

  1. map rooms!
    If you obtain the obelisk of the mount of dead then your life is easy! You fix a fish hut there and you travel back home again with another map room. If however the house is away from obelisk then you have an issue!
  2. Pvp flags! Go to your settings and accept pvp always! Fix a fishing hut wherever you wish and place a bedroll and a pvp flag! Empty your inventory from your base, remove your bracelet and travel on your bedroll. Then after you collect the fishes and put new bates, go next to pvp flag and remove your bracelet again, ask to spawn on your bed and you will have all your inventory on you :wink:, this way you will transfer the fishes really easy to your house, or you will visit your fishing hut very easy too.
    When necessary to place a bedroll in another occasion, do not have second thoughts, it’s better to play safe and do another visit on your fishing hut for a new bedroll than risk for fast fishing :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Bedrolls are your best friends!

@stelagel Battle standard trick works great just have to make sure you are in the zone.


When a player dies near a pvp flag (pvp accepted), after the respaw he keeps the inventory with all items, is that right?


Yes @donbzm, correct but like @sestus2009 said make sure you are close the flag :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Numerous times I did it thinking I am close enough and :person_facepalming:t3:, let’s go and retrieve our things again.
It’s better to accept this from your settings so you won’t have to accept the question all the times.


Thanks for the clear explanation! It will help me a lot!


make sure u r on a purely pve server… does not works on rest ones


Good tip.

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Great tip, thank you!
I set a small hut for the fish: Fishing hut - Conan Exiles - YouTube
Not the T3 mansion, the small T1 hut at the end of the road.
BTW, no one told me that new (to me) fish could grant you buffs! And they last plenty of time.

Good hunting!


Deep fishing, you get the recipe from the sunken city. These fish traps are my favorite, yes, sorry that I didn’t mention it m8, I thought you knew :+1:t6:. In my runs I get the recipe from day one :joy:.


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