Fix 1 thing break 10

GJ fun con. Patch to fix things and for every thing you fixed you broke 10 other things… BRAVO!!


yep, none of the things that were broken did i see (am only lvl 38) and yes i take my time playing and building, after all its the journey that has the gameplay not end game so why rush through it.

Anyways none of the bugs i have encountered have been fixed, loads of new ones i suddenly have encountered since patch have ruined the gameplay for me right now, therefore i am going to take a break from the game till (hopefully) these bugs are quashed in next weeks patch (and i hope that includes teh ones just inplemented as well as the ones that were not fixed).

Game is nice but right now it has more bugs in it than an actually bug infested mound :frowning: and it ruins the gameplay, the gameflow and fun.

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the 14.06.18 update actually broke my game… i can live eith a crash every 10 minutes i cant live with a crash everytime i want to load my sp game :sunny: already notified the customer service cause im not the only one with this problem. there are a lot of posts on the forum with the same issues.

tried all the suggestions, nothing worked so far.

im optimistic tho, my game is in the loading screen for 10minutes now and hasnt crashed. its long, but no crash or freeze is good right? …right?

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