Fix ash raining inside buildings in the volcano

Right now Ash rains inside buildings if you have a base in the volcano, same as the rain effect, hopefully you guys could fix it the same way you did the rain.

If you are shelter buffed, rain effects, wet and ash should be removed. A simple fix would be to simply disable the effects when the shelter buff is active.

Also, if you swim, the wet effect should remove itself after a few minutes.

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This is on the books

The inside of buildings get wet because anything in rain gets wet. And it’s a challenge to solve it because we’d need to have support for building pieces being partially wet. (Outside of a wall wet because it’s in the rain, and inside being dry.)

We’ve discussed a few possible ways to do this. Needs to be investigated further and may not be fixed.

Ash is just another simulated weather effect so when and if they fix rain it will automatically take care of ash.

you can check on the status of popular bugs here:

That’s not “a simple fix.” Plenty of people think so, but it isn’t. I’ll explain.

Just one of the hurdles from that idea alone is being able to tell a static mesh to load two different materials, one on the outside where it doesn’t show shelter, and one on the inside where it does show shelter. Even if you could, the amount of performance demands (across the board) would skyrocket from doing so.

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