(fix) bedrolls to glitch into structures or caves

so right now you can place objects through cracks such as foundations and bedrolls. I recently went on single player to see how an enemy clan’s base was built when i found out they had used a glitch to get inside a structure.

took me about an hour to figure out how to get in using a foundation then a bedroll. this structure is western edge of the Black Keep right outside the no build zone.

the fix is rather simple… make it so you can not place a bedroll more then 1 square away from you… or better yet… place it directly at your feet. this solves the problem of people trying to glitch into a base.

now, this particular spot needs to be sealed up tight… because after figuring out how to get in I decided to, build it up then try to use a god to raid it since it was inside the building and a god was about the only way to handle that…

could only use the god a little above the base or below it…

Yog: he could get to it and strike maybe twice… did maybe 30k damage at most… meaning you would need 4x yogs to summon

Ymir & mitra summoning above couldn’t hit inside the building, and below they couldn’t get close enough at all to strike it.

Set against couldn’t strike it from the top side and could it hit very minimal from the bottom…

over all its just about un raid-able.

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