Fix Bugs First Before Implementing Non-Primary Gameplay Changes(?)

So I suggest that the devs should focus on fixing bugs and patching out everything before implementing more “balancing” stuff.

For example - a lot of things got nerfed hard like spawn rates, drop rates, and other RNG stuff even before majority of gameplay bugs were fixed. The sudden adjustments to gameplay causes some uproar in the community as some of these were only requested by very few and some weren’t requested at all.

Maybe before implementing gameplay changes the devs could do a poll first and sort out whether it is highly subjective to PVP players or others as some changes only made sense to a PVP point of view.

Jeff, I fear someone is going to have to follow you around the forums to correct you at every post…

The devs “Funcom” have stated a focus on bug fixes over content. This has been made public knowledge. “Bugs”, or glitches in the coding, can happen at any point in development. Sometimes, old bugs can return do to the implementation of a new update or new content that causes conflict in the coding. Also that “balancing stuff” your talking about, by doing that they very well could be fixing these “bugs” you are wanting fixed. Unless you’re running their engine and their softwares you can’t be certain that particular values couldn’t be causing conflict with other values.

If you are new to the forums I urge you to go and read the “updates and bugs” forum and all past patch notes.
If you are not new to the forum, the I urge you to READ before posting to fully understand the contents of a thread your posting on, or making suggestions for.

For us console players, there is the “patch of 500 fixes” rolling down the pipe line. It has launched on PC already and we are next in line to get it. Again something you would know if you took a moment to read around the forums. So please, have a seat and relax. What you desire will come. Perhaps not exactly as you expect it, but will come none the less.

I feel that you have good intentions but I also see that you are not playing on PC and so therefore have not experienced this 500 fixes patch.

It’s a trainwreck. It’s one of the worst patches I have seen for any game in a long time, and I’ve seen a lot of software in my years. There are numerous threads talking about it - believe them.

No doubt, I have read them. But it will address some of the issues I have been waiting on.

Actually I’m playing on the PC and have recieved massive updates on bug fixes. Sadly it is not as you say as WE PC players do notice some big differences in gameplay mechanics like as I said, RNG related drops, re-works for things like spiked weapon fitting, XP reductions and such.

I am aware of the bug fixes done to the game. I am only saying that they should hold off gameplay-balancing changes for now as only very few people really want those things.

Also try not to be offensive next time. Following me in the forum makes you a stalker.