Fix Duping, Please

Just to keep it in the conversation since sometimes it drops off, please fix the duping. I’ve been ruined by dupers on nearly every server I’ve ever been on, and after just starting up again I’ve got people on this new official server bragging openly about how much they dupe and how many people they wipe with duped bombs, it’s ridiculous. Can’t even play the game with the dupe still in.

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Are you aware of how it’s done, yea or nay? I have seen it happen on my server, and I know it’s not been deliberate, and until I have documented it that’s pretty much all I can say.

Please be vague, but is it an “every item dupe” like recently or a “selective item dupe” from way back?

There’s both still in the game, most frequently its the every item dupe that most people are aware of.

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