Fix for Attributes

I feel with the current system Accuracy needs a buff.

Currently Strength gives 1% damage per point in it, as does Accuracy.

I feel Accuracy giving 2% per point would help balance it with melee and make it more viable. Strength currently gives damage bonus’ at 3 different milestones…making it the superior choice.

Also, I feel Vitality needs to give less health. Maxing vitality should result in 600 max HP, not 800.

With most weapons at their current damage threshold, you can take a good 30 hits with 800 hp.

Yes you may deal less damage, but the fact is with that much health you only need to hit someone with a Greatsword 4-6 times, meanwhile they have to hit you at the very least 15 times even with their Strength damage modifiers. All you have to do is go face and you’ll win every time.

Of course player skill comes into play, weapon set, dodges…etc. But with just regard to stats, being able to just face and win because of the amount of life that vitality gives seems absurd.

Do you make a test? I see you are use wrong numbers.

Strength and accuracy give far more than 1% per point now, and aside from perks are independent from each other with regards to affecting melee and ranged damage. You should probably re-evaluate your proposals using the current game mechanics as well as your character builds.

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Oh so they have been changed?

Thats great!

Is there an up to date calculator you know of, all of the ones I have found seem to be using the old 1% to each build.

Yes, it would seem all of the calcs I have been using are using an old build.

So it has already been changes, which is great!

You can use my Attribute Calculator here. It just requires a Google account, since it’s hosted on Google sheets rather than a webpage.

I’m trying to keep it accurate as of the most recent TestLive stats.

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