Fix t5 raid exploit

Isen’t there any chance for Funcom to fix this annoying bug? What’s more since every raid has a unique id and game masters can see when characters have completed content and what loot they earned, why cannot they suspend the people participating in it? Mostly happens during weekends when there are no game masters in game. Another handy hotfix would be the introduction of negative magic damage/tenacity/dexterity/wisdom/intelligence on t6 gear.

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Considering the exploit lowers the salesment of the t5 boxes in the store, im surprised they didnt fix it yet. Funcom fixed bugs that has impact on store sales with great passion and commitment :wink: rest of the bugs? Game features

PS. Fix kylliki fight so u cant kite the mobs too, so it goes back to intented tactic which isnt a joke of a t5 endboss


If u do that u have to fix the whole T6 except of Ethram as well -_-

While I don’t know much about coding and very often it’s not just a simple «Click the button» type of thing. However, surely by just removing the 16 cap on adds it would do something with this.

Personally I think that’s not even enough though because with all the power gear you have now, and with ‘decent’ players you still nuke kyllikky before you would have gotten overwhelmed by adds. Removing the cap would at least make it a bit more «fair» if you still kite, I guess.

Yeah was more of a joke, im not expecting fixes :smiley: but i suppose the best way would be to give boss a minus damage taken buff on kylliki while there are more than X adds alive or something at the same time as not having a max cap

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Yeah of course.

Was mainly just throwing out how baffled I am that the solution mentioned with removing the 16 adds cap should’ve been done a while ago. Then at least, okay, if you have the dps to kill Kyllikky while kiting 18-22 adds, fair, you can do it the cheesy way, but then you have to work harder for it at least.

Yeah, that sollution wouldnt cut it today i suppose, im not sure how fast you reach 16 adds nowadays but like u say prolly u can just push trough

@AndyB @Umborls @Rooibos any comments??

Umborls? Waw, you must be truly desperate

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Oh you old pirate

Can anyone even fill a high tier raid anymore?
Seems like everyone’s struggling now.

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