Fix the servers/game code

I want to lead off by saying I love the idea of the game, heck the genre as a whole honestly. This game has a lot of potential because it is blending two of my favorite genres, classic mmorpgs like WoW, and survival games. I played Ark for months/probably over a year.

But something HAS to be done about the lag/drop, at least on the ps4 I can’t speak to computer or other consoles. I pre-ordered from PSN and played the first day, and hoped the major issues I did see from the internet pre-release would be ironed out.

My biggest problem is dying to the game seemly just dropping once or twice an hour. I don’t know if it is just a huge lag spike that happens every so often or if the game just kind of pauses, maybe during some kind of autosave feature? It happens during the worst possible moments, I couldn’t tell you how many times i’ve been killed while fighting NPCs or elephants because right in the middle of the fight my screen freezes, but I’m still getting attacked. All I can do is watch my HP disappear. It has gotten to the point where I try to time fights right after one of these episodes happens because the game seems to run smoothly for a while after.

I also hate that thralls don’t regen health after “breaking” them. I’ve put meat in their inventory, and tried to force feed it, but it only applies it to me. It makes getting fighters/archers a waste of time.

Maybe it is gPortal’s servers, but my friends and I rented private servers from them for ark and no absolutely zero problems.