Fix the stingy decay timers

Decay is too eager to set in. Increase the timer to summer standards permenantly at least, and at best, make structures last a month. A week is NOTHING.


Yes think so to, its not that its a problem that the server are overpopulated. They are never full and plenty of empty spases.

And also ad a posebilety to be away for a longer time so you can on a vacation whitout the need to get a babysiter to the game!


I have played a long time and have always felt even an extra 2 days would be a huge help


I disagree.

On a PvP server invaders judge ripeness by the hours left on decay.

If it’s your home, even if that server is dead as dickens, refresh every day or someone will snipe you. And then transfer out with your stuffs.

14 days makes people quite lazy, reduces server income.
7 days separates the fly dust from the pepper. Increases server income.


I don’t see how upping the time would change any of that. They could still see how long you’ve been away.

As for the topic in general, I have mixed feelings. A week is generally fine but 2 isn’t hugely server altering. And it’s short sighted to think June - August is the only time people may take long vacations.

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In pvp its another way the decay time is used but as @Tuffman say it dosen mather but it give you a chanse to chanse that you not will be raided if you have to do some real life stuffs.

Yes 2 weeks are nice but even 9 or 10 days. So I have no problem to play one weekend on Saturday and the other on Sunday :slight_smile:

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8 days is reasonable to me for those who play once a week.


9 is good for from Friday to next week Sunday :slight_smile:

But I also see no problem with 14 days.


Sometimes I get caught up in RL and forget to refresh. I just lost a few bases this weekend. (No, I wont set up my phone alarm, write it on the back of my hand, or put a sticky note on my PC monitor. The game just is not that important or fun anymore.)
Not really a big deal, since they were small and used for thrall capture, which I cannot do since I am at the hardcap, but 8 days would be nice, I agree.


If you play once a week, even 8 days is not going to be enough. It’s enough under normal circumstances, but if a major update lands with a bug that prevents you from logging in for whatever reason, you can miss that refresh window. A hotfix can take a couple of days that you don’t have.

I used to be against the 14 day timer because it would exacerbate the overbuilding problem and let serial refreshers relax even more. With time, I realized that those problems wouldn’t go away even if the decay timer was 24 hours :man_shrugging:


Yes and the over build problem we (almost) dont have any more.

True, I did not take that into account.

Who is “we”?

We all you know.

But to log in the last minit- day have always bean a risk, spec of if you have a limit downlode on youre net.

No, seriously, I don’t know. It’s news to me that overbuilding suddenly stopped being a problem for (almost) everyone.

Hey, @JJDancer, is the situation on 1823 still a dumpster fire?

thats whay i put a “(almost)” in the post, funcome is cleaning up all servers now so.

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And my server is purges/cleard from to day.

Definitely not. Funcom is handling TOS violations reported by players. That means that they will only clean up what gets reported and nothing else, which is very different from “cleaning up all servers”.

And even if they were cleaning up all servers – which they aren’t – that still doesn’t mean that overbuilding stopped being a problem. Just like there are ways to break the TOS without overbuilding, so there are many overbuilders who don’t break the TOS.

The situation might be improving, but we’re a long, long way from any one player being able to speak for the majority of players and say with confidence that overbuilding is mostly not a problem anymore.

we need overpopulation to get over build and to day the servers is not full.

Yes trolls woll come and harass as long they can till ther baned but in general its ok.

And it seams that when they are purging a server they lock if its more to purge when they are ther what i understans.